Astroscope Night Vision Bracket for Sony HVR-Z1U & HDR-FX1 HD

$5,995.00 each


Introducing the World's First High-Definition Night Vision Camcorder System. The heart of the 9350BRAC is the Central Intensifier Unit (CIU). Select from a range of Gen III image intensifiers offering different levels of performance that enable you to tailor a system based upon your mission requirements and budget. AstroScope's modular design enables you to expand your capabilities by allowing you to easily transfer the image intensifier to other platforms including Canon and Nikon SLR cameras, removable-lens camcorders like the Canon XL2 and the Canon XL-H1 high definition video camera, C-mount CCTV cameras, and a versatile handheld scope. Please call us at 1-888-859-9952 to discuss the wide variety of AstroScope components available to meet your specific requirements (including optional Gen III image intensifier grades and support for other consumer and prosumer camcorders).

Manufacturer Part Number: 9350BRAC-Z1U
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