ACH Head-Loc X-Nape Retention System, 09-99-12X 

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The Head-Loc RS was developed to improve safety, comfort and stability of chinstraps used in MICH/ACH ballistic helmets. Every component, down to each stitch pattern, was designed specifically for this purpose, giving the ACH greater utility than ever before. Custom adjustment tabs allow the helmet to be adjusted while wearing it, without any hanging loose ends. Simplified strap geometry makes the system 3X more stable than existing chinstraps. This system has resulted from years of input and testing by some of the most respected operators in the USSOCOM community. Their demanding requirements for NVG stability, multiple environment versatility and overall performance are credit to the design today. Without their help, the Head-Loc chinstrap would not exist.


Both H and X nape versions utilize Head-Loc adjustment tabs on the vertical and horizontal webbing straps to provide instant tightening or loosening of the chinstrap while wearing the helmet, but without any loose ends. Both versions incorporate the same double-padded leather chin cup and nape pad for greater comfort and durability.

H-Nape is intended for operators conducting rigorous activities while wearing NVDs like the PVS-15 or ANVIS9 with heavier accessories mounted to the helmet. This added weight and subsequent CG problems could make the helmet unstable and cause it to rotate or slip back and forth during use. When NVDs are not stable they are difficult to see through, and when they are difficult to see through, they are not effective. We have received reports of helmets being so unstable that they slipped and hit users in the face, hard enough to cause disorientation, which can be detrimental when trying to operate a vehicle or control a canopy.

H-Nape is extremely secure and eliminates these slipping and rotational issues when properly tightened. The fifth adjustment point on the nape pad allows users to instantly customize the force lines and leverage of the horizontal straps by setting the width in the back. It effectively cinches down on the nape of the neck, providing a vise-like grip while still being comfortable. The system can still be loosened on the fly to yield a more relaxed fit when desired. Most users who prefer H-Nape want the ability to go from a relaxed fit to a 'bear trap' and don't mind using the fifth adjustment strap to do so.

X-Nape is intended for users conducting rigorous activities while wearing lighter NVDs like the PVS-14 or having smaller equipment mounted to the helmet. Without the added weight of heavier devices, the X-Nape provides the same security and comfort as H-Nape and does not require the fifth adjustment point on the back. Unlike competitor designs that require removal of the mounting screws to set the height of the nape pad, the X-Nape version self-adjusts to the back of the skull, resulting in a simple, ultra-clean, low-profile system.
The X-Nape is 2X more stable than conventional systems while the H-Nape is 3X more stable than conventional systems. This statistic comes from repeated lab testing which measured the distance that correctly fitted helmets moved / rotated on correctly sized head forms when various dynamic forces were applied in multiple directions. The dynamic forces were consistent with those resulting from walking, running, and jumping heights while wearing PVS-14 and PVS-15 NVDs.

Manufacturer Part Number: 09-99-12x
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