Wilcox DPAM ANVIS Helmet Mount P/N 62101G02

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NVG Mount Color


The (DPAM) Dual Powered Aviation Mount, P/N 62101G02, integrates existing ANVS-6/9, M949, F4949, F5050, & GPNVG Night Vision Goggles with Wilcox’s standards for firm attachment to ballistic and non ballistic helmets. The DPAM Mounting System utilizes a ball-detent interface, and a wide range of adjustments for proper fit and function. The original ball detent on the goggle is utilized-no need to replace it as was necessary with older style mounts. A battery compartment stores one (1) CR123 battery to power the internal backup power supply, A Power Mode Selection Switch allows the operator to choose between the external power supply or the internal backup battery. A Switch Guard is provided to prevent snag, and also features a battery indicator light to alert pilot, crewman, & operators when battery life is low.

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Manufacturer Part Number: 62101G02
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