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ops-core FAST LE High Cut Helmet

Common price: $982.00 Our price: $950.00 each
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The Ops Core FAST LE High Cut Ballistic Helmet is a lightweight helmet designed for the modern warrior.

High cut, medium weight, ballistic shell made of Monolithic Aramid.

Designed as an economical alternative to the proven Ops-Core FAST XP High Cut Helmet with all the same suspension/retention options and mission configurable capabilities.

Features an Ops-Core 3-Point Skeleton Shroud for universal capability with most NVG mounts, Ops-Core Accessory Rail Connectors (ARCs) with hook bungees, and external Velcro loop.

Scalable design allows for compatibility with Ops-Core visors, mandibles, handgun face shields, and ballistic appliques.

Compatible with in-ear communication devices for improved mission compatibility.

Available with four suspension/retention options.

Suspension & Retention Options

The Lux Liner provides one-piece full coverage impact layer with modular pads, designed for shockwave attenuation. 

Designed for use with headband style COMMs - fitband quickly detaches to allow convenient donning and doffing of headsets with internal top headbands

Gives helmet 4x more stability than standard issue ACH helmet suspension / retention products

One-piece full coverage impact layer with modular pads

Pads are durable, breathable and low absorbency

Designed for shockwave attenuation

4 Position Accessory Rail Connectors: non-snag attachment points for quick yet secure donning or doffing of headborne accessories

 Works in conjunction with locking and rotating adapters that utilize emergency break-away features for airborne operations

Upper ARC dovetail for devices like low-profile lights, video camera, visor, mandible and up-armor side covers

Corner ARC buckle receiver for gas and O2 mask strap kit attachments that eliminate the bulk and clutter of traditional bayonet style mounts

Lower ARC dovetail for devices like flip-out COMs headset, battery pack, goggle strap keeper, mandible and up-armor side covers

Over-the-center side hook attachment for devices like illuminator, strobe light and battery pack

Bungees to eliminate night vision mount / device rattle or vibration

Ops-Core Skeleton Shroud included on the helmet: compatible with front mount visors, flashlights and other visual enhancement devices

Stock as of April 30, 2017

Qty 1 Medium Tan with Occ Dial Suspension

Qty 2 Medium FG with Occ Dial Suspension
Qty 1 Large FG with Occ Dial Suspension 

Qty 4 Large Tan with Occ Dial Suspension

Qty 1 Medium Tan with Lux Liner and Worm Dial


Manufacturer Part Number: 66-99-5XX
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