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TS-640 Thermal Weapon Sight 640 x 480 Resolution
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The TS-640 has a 640 x 480 thermal imager and is is a rugged, lightweight and powerful Thermal Weapon Sight with a quick release, 1913 Mount. Made for military, law enforcement, commercial and private use, the TS-640 is ideal for long-range target engagements in excess of 1 kilometer as well as reconnaissance and surveillance, perimeter security, wildlife observation and control. 

While night vision technology relies on amplification of ambient light or assisting illumination, thermal devices are completely passive, sensing extremely minute temperature differentials.

The rugged TS-640 combines a highly sensitive, 30μm pixel size, 640 x 480 uncooled, Amorphous Silicon Microbolometer Detector with real-time image processing and a 640x480 LED display

Night Optics’ proprietary electronics sealed in a lightweight, waterproof housing. Sensitive to less than 50mK, the detector’s 7-14μm spectral response ensures the widest possible thermal coverage. The 14°x9° field of view provided by the high-grade germanium lens facilitates detection of human activity up to 1015 meters.

The TS-640 Thermal Weapon Sight acquires targets in daylight and complete darkness while “seeing through” obscurants such as smoke and haze which often hinder image intensification devices.

With four standard electronically-adjusted reticles plus the option to add reticles of choice, the TS-640 ensures potent long-range thermal surveillance and engagements.
The sensitive, uncooled thermal detector combined with a high resolution display provide crisp “white hot” or “black hot” images regardless of ambient conditions. A colorized capability is available at user request. Additional integrated features include a proximity sensor-triggered, power conserving Standby Mode ; shortcut key for quick access to “Favorites” settings; multiple memory locations for reticles and settings; focus, brightness and contrast adjustments; white hot/black-hot polarity and digital zoom controls; and NTSC or PAL video-out capability.

Powered by internal batteries or a 12v external power source,
the TS-640 converts to a hand-held monocular with built-in tripod mount and optional hand strap to ensure easy and stable use. The TS-320-3 is the perfect all-weather,all-condition, long-range Thermal Weapon Sight. 

IR Detector 
640 x 480 IR Focal Plane Array 
Uncooled Amorphous Silicon Microbolometer
Spectral Response Sensitivity: 7—14 μm
Sensitivity: NETD (Thermal Sensitivity): <50mk
Refresh Rate: Real-time 30 Hz 

Performance and Optical Specifications:
Detect Human Activity: Up to 1000 meters
Optics: f/1.2, Manual Focus
Field of View (standard): 14° x 9°
Diopter Adjustment +/-6
Eye Relief: 27mm
Continuous Operation: 6+ Hours   

Physical Characteristics:
Weight: 700gr (25 oz)
Dimensions: 205 x 65 x 72mm (8 x 2.6x 2.8in)
Power Requirement:(4) CR123 Batteries or 9-28v DC External Power Supply
Lens: High Grade Germanium
Eyepiece Adjustment: Manual Focus
Mount: Quick-Release 1913 Mount
Waterproof: YES 
Polarity Control: Black Hot/White Hot
Temperature Reading: YES
Colorization: Monochrome (color optional)
PLUS:Brightness & Contrast Controls
Electronically Adjustable Reticles
Digital Zoom
Multiple graphical adjustments
Quick shortcut key access to “Favorites”settings
Reticle memorization
Backlight adjustment
Power-conserving “Standby” mode
Side Accessory Mount
Tripod Mount for Monocular 

Kit Contents:
TS-640 Thermal Weapon Sight
Travel/Storage Case
CR123 Batteries
Lens Tissue
Eye Cup
Lens Cap
Operating Manual
Video Output Cable (VOC)
External Power Adaptor and Cable

Also available in a 3X version

640x480 3x Thermal Sight

P/N NO-TS-640-3


Item #TS-640

Price: $15000.00  Sale price $14599.00

Prices and Specifications subject to change without notice. Export of the commodities described herein is strictly prohibited without a valid export license issued by the U.S. Department of State Office of Defense Trade Controls prescribed in the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR), Title 22, Code of Federal Regulation, Parts 120-130.

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