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Mini Cutting Torch Assembly
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The Wilcox Mini Cutting Torch Assembly is designed to provide rapid cutting of a variety of metal thicknesses, or unusual metal alloys or the removal of metal barriers by military, law enforcement and rescue personnel. It utilizes a high pressure oxygen cylinder and exothermic torching rods for rapid torching of materials. The Mini Cutting Torch Assembly delivers 100% oxygen.

Specific characteristics of this system include:

Mini Cutting Torch Assembly
components are manufactured of titanium and brass.

Viton & Buna O–rings are used
throughout the design. O–rings are used to secure low and high pressure connections. 

Mini Cutting Torch Assembly operation principal is simple.

Stored oxygen in the cylinder is passed through a manifold to the torching hose where it travels to the torching handle assembly and finally exits through the tip of the torching rod.

When the oxygen is flowing in the hose up to the handle, an ignition source is used to ignite the tip of the exothermic rod.

As the torch rod burns, it gradually shortens in length based
upon the rate of burn set by the operator. When the Torch Rod has burned down to approximately 3” from the Torch Rod Interface on the Torch Handle, the system should be turned off until the rod is replaced. 

The system is available in a combination of bottle size and
charge fitting combinations.
A storage pouch is included with the system. The storage pouch for the 56 cubic inch version allows the device to be attached to a waist strap for operation.

The pouch for the 95
cubic inch version allows the torch to be shoulder slung over the shoulder in an inverted operational position using a locking clip to secure the cylinder in the pouch. 

Part Numbers and kit nomenclatures:

Kit 40400G09
Mini Torch Kit 95 Cu In Bottle, CGA

Kit 40400G11
Mini Torch Kit 56 Cu In Bottle, CGA

Kits Include:
1. Hellboy Exothermic Cutting Torch Handle
(PN 54001G03)

2. Oxygen Hose (PN 40401G03)
3. Replacement Rods - (12) 1/4”Rods (PN F1718)
4. Replacement Rods - (12) 3/8”Rods (PN F1719)
5. Protective Welding Glasses (PN F1683)
6. Striker and Battery (PN F1716)
7. Welding Gloves (PN F1684)
8. Nomex Hood (PN F1682)
9. Flame Resistant 1/2 Jacket (PN F1685)
10. Mini Torch Operator’s Manual CD (PN 40400CD01)
11. Charging Whip and Fittings (PN F1717)
12. Identification Card (Not Shown;PN 40400QR01)
13. Case (PN F1715)
14. Case Foam Lining (PN 40401P10)
15. Replacement O-Ring Kit (PN 15301G03)


Mini Torch Assemblies
(Spare Bottle)

Mini Torch Assembly 95 ci Bottle-CGA

Mini Torch Assembly 56 ci Bottle-CGA

Mini Torch Assembly 285 ci Bottle-CGA

Hellboy Exothermic Cutting Torch Handle

Item #Mini Torch

Price $2917.00 

Prices and Specifications subject to change without notice. Export of the commodities described herein is strictly prohibited without a valid export license issued by the U.S. Department of State Office of Defense Trade Controls prescribed in the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR), Title 22, Code of Federal Regulation, Parts 120-130.

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