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AN/PEQ-2A IR Aiming Laser ITP-500C, NSN: 5855-01-422-5253

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NSN: 5855-01-422-5253

NSN: 5855-01-447-8992

The AN/PEQ-2A Infrared Target Pointer/Illuminator/Aiming Laser, (ITPIAL),

P/N ITP-500C incorporates lessons learned with Aiming Lights in Desert Storm, other combat operations, and extensive field evaluation, plus production experience with over 50,000 US Military standard aiming lights. The result is a dual beam multi-function laser, which combines the utility and operational effectiveness of aiming lights and illuminator/pointers in a singe device.

  • Separate Aiming and Illuminator Beams. Both beams are adjustable in elevation and windage.
  • Aim spot can be centered in illumination area.
  • Illumination beam is able to focus from a pinpoint spot to wide-angle flood.
  • Pointer ranges can exceed 10 miles.
  • Various diffusers available for customized light shaping.
  • Compact, Durable, and Lightweight.
  • Uses 2 AA batteries.
  • Waterproof to 66 feet.
  • Meets all military environmental requirements


The ITPIAL features a unique switching capability for both gun mounted and hand

held operation. A fully integrated low profile Mode Selector Switch is conveniently

located for ambidextrous operation and is designed for ease of use even under zero light conditions. The switch allows the operator to select one of six modes:








The AN/PEQ-2A model incorporates a safety block over the switch that prevents the
user from switching the mode switch into High Power.

Low power is eye safe
* and is useful for force on force training and to preclude blooming in close combat engagements, while high power enables engagements or training at extended range and in high light conditions. The Infrared Target Illuminator/Pointer/Aiming Laser beam can be adjusted from a 0.5-mrad beam for long range pointing to a 10° circular illumination beam. A variety of lights shaping diffusers are available for creating wider illumination angles.

The ITPIAL is the only device of its kind to have two independently adjustable beams.

The ITPIAL has two sets of Azimuth and Elevation adjusters that allow the operator independent adjustment of both laser beams.

The ITPIAL is equipped with an integral push button FIRE switch, which provides
convenient operation in the hand held mode. This single button switch enables the

operator to activate the ITPIAL in either momentary or steady on modes.

When weapon mounted the ITPIAL can be activated using a variety of remote switches.

Depending on the weapon and the preference of the user, “push button” or membrane remotes of various lengths can be supplied. All switches quickly attach to the weapon and provide for convenient fingertip operation of the system, and all switches withstand demanding military environments.


The ITPIAL is a highly durable, lightweight device manufactured with advanced engineering polymers and composites for maximum utility and durability.

The ITPIAL incorporates an advanced electro-optical system comprised of two index

guided laser diodes, diffraction limited micro-lens assemblies, and unique full logic microprocessor controlled electronic drivers.

Weapon Attachment

The ITPIAL is easily attached to all US Military Standard direct fire weapons and the AT4 Rocket Launcher with standard brackets. The ITPIAL attaches to the various brackets with a single thumbscrew. The ITPIAL can be removed and reinstalled on its bracket without loss of zero.


Includes the following items:

1 M4/M16 Bracket Assembly

2 Foot Adapter, PVS-4 Bracket

3 Rail Grabber Adapter Bracket (P/N ITP-090)

4 Remote Cable: 20" Button Straight Plug

5 Remote Cable: Membrane,12" Right

Angle Plug

6 Textile Carry Bag

7 Lens Tissue

8 Allen Wrench

9 AA Battery 1.5 volt

10 Velcro Tape Fastener

11 Velcro Strap

12 Neck Cord

13 PEQ-2A Manual, Commercial

14 TPIAL Assembly, Army

Replacement Parts Available:

Rail Grabber Adapter Bracket (P/N ITP-090)

Remote Cable:
20 inch Button, Straight Plug
P/N 4C273 $42.00

Remote Cable:
Membrane, 12 inch Right Angle Plug
P/N ITP-053, $59.00

Wilcox Universal Control Grip
Compatible with the Wilcox Universal Control Grip

Call now to order 518-235-9436

Request a Quote


MAP pricing displayed, call for pricing

Item #ITP-500C-A2

Price: $1299.00  Sale price $1189.00

Prices and Specifications subject to change without notice. Export of the commodities described herein is strictly prohibited without a valid export license issued by the U.S. Department of State Office of Defense Trade Controls prescribed in the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR), Title 22, Code of Federal Regulation, Parts 120-130.

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